I Need A Storm Door

Matt and Shari created the very first show to air on HGTV, the ever popular room by room. Having aired in over 90 million homes, they have taught literally millions their detailed process of step by step decorating, improving the lives and homes of many.   It’s no secret that they are big fans of ProVia.  Recently, they discussed what they look for in a storm door and why they like ProVia storm doors.

Energy Efficiency — In the cold, a vapor barrier is created between your entry door and storm door where the air is warmer than outside, keeping your entry door temperature up, transferring less cold inside.

Security — Women will especially like the idea that a storm door is one more line of defense against intrusion.  In the event that your safety is compromised, an intruder would have to break their way through two doors instead of just one.

Durability — ProVia doors are called “professional-class” storm doors and they are produced using 20% thicker aluminum than consumer-grade storm doors.

Beauty — Let’s begin here by saying that storm doors aren’t usually considered a design statement on the exterior of a home.  In fact, for years, they have seemed to take away from the beauty of the entry door.  However, today, as with so many things, designers have gotten their hands into the process early, and now storm doors are as pretty as they can be.  Choose from one of five different design series, each with numerous styles, 16 paint finishes, hardware, glass and accessories.  The possibilities are endless!

If you need a storm door, call us today!

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