Today’s Aluminum Windows

When modern energy-efficient windows were first developed, aluminum models quickly became a popular option.  Folks wanted to take advantage of the substantial savings accrued from the lower heating bills that these windows provided.   But with advancements in technology, aluminum is no longer the best selling heat-flow resistant window. Other materials like fiberglass and vinyl have overtaken its already substantial energy saving characteristics. So, do aluminum windows still have a place? We say yes!

Aluminum WindowAluminum windows are windows where the casing (the frame around the window) is made of aluminum rather than wood, vinyl or some other material. Aluminum is an abundant resource that makes up 8% of the earth’s crust.

The advantages of aluminum windows are numerous. They have a good ratio when comparing strength versus weight.  Also, they are good at resisting moisture and muffling noise. Plus, they are architecturally versatile.

Aluminum lends itself well to projects requiring very large window installations. This is why you don’t see vinyl used in large building projects. Have you ever seen a vinyl window in a skyscraper?

Aluminum window frames are often the choice for schools, businesses and homes in highly congested areas because they insulate well against noise. The manufacturing methods used today in aluminum windows make them great at resisting moisture.

Aluminum Window 2Aluminum’s versatility as a construction material is loved by many architects and engineers. The metal is highly durable and robust.  It can also be fabricated into whatever shape a project needs, making it ideal for odd or unusual window designs. The metal takes to paint very well too, so you have more color options with aluminum than you would with vinyl. These features make them great for historic renovations.

If you start with premium quality, solid aluminum frames and a high quality finish you will be eliminating years of cost and time consuming maintenance. Iron Crafters can outfit your house with aluminum windows from Provia today, so give us a call!

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