What’s In A Gauge?

Wire-GaugeSo, what is in a gauge? Common sense tells us that bigger is better so when you think of 16 gauge steel versus 20 gauge steel you may think that the 20 gauge is stronger. Wrong! The gauge system of measurement dates back to the early 1900’s and refers to the number of times a metal (iron or steel) had to be passed through a die (template) to achieve the desired thickness. It took more passes to make a thin sheet thus the higher gauge number. Take a look at the tool gauge to the left as an example.

Here at Iron Crafters our products typically come in two gauges, 16 and 20.  All of our railing, fence and security doors are made from 16 gauge steel.   Although heavy, it can withstand quite a lot.  Think of kids sitting on your porch railing, a burglar trying to break in through your security door, or a lawn mower running into your fence… you need something strong to withstand all of that force! So thicker is better! Gauge Guide

We recommend 20 gauge steel for entry doors. This steel is designed to hold up against the elements. What elements you ask? Although we don’t have to worry about someone sitting on your entry door or running into it with a lawn mower, we do have to consider heat and general wear and tear. Look at doors below. Can you spot the door that is the 24 gauge door that comes from a national home improvement store?

Door on the left Door on the Right

Yep, it’s the one that looks warped. The door on the left gets direct sun in the afternoon and it shows. If you want to avoid this problem in the future buy one of our 20 gauge Provia steel doors! A 20-gauge steel door gives you 49% more galvanized steel than a 24-gauge door. What a difference the gauge makes!

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