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Drafty Windows…What To Do?

The simple and  short answer…get new windows that are Energy Star compliant.  Here at Iron Crafters we can certainly help you with that.

Our windows are Amish made, energy efficient, and guaranteed for a life time.  If new windows aren’t in your budget though, there are some easy fixes to help improve your window situation.

When a window is installed, the window opening needs to be a bit larger than the window itself.  This allows the carpenter to simply place the window in the “RO” (rough opening) and secure it then plumb and level it with shims. In many older homes trim was then installed with this air gap unsealed. Later, as people became more energy conscious, insulation was stuffed into these cracks and openings. While more effective than nothing, complete air sealing was never achieved.  In modern building (and as a method to seal older windows) expanding spray foam is now widely used to seal these gaps.  I would have to put “Great Stuff” (spray foam insulation) on the top ten list of awesome home improvement technology.

The most common trick to sealing older window openings is to pop off the interior trim and inject the spray foam into the gaps between the window jam and the framing. This is easy with the handy spray tube that comes with this miracle product.  In addition to sealing this gap, caulking the exterior and interior trim provides even more resistance to air loss.  In the case of exterior caulking, added protection from water intrusion is also achieved.

For more great tips on fixing drafty windows, check out this Fox News Article: Fixing Draft Windows the Common Sense Way.

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