It’s Time To Clean Those Screens!

Over the winter, your screens have probably collected a lot of dirt. And, don’t forget to add a nice layer of pollen on top of that! With the mild weather we’ve been experiencing, now would be great time to clean those screens.

We think one of the best ways is to remove all the screens, line them up on the driveway and let the fun begin! First, spray them all with a fine mist of water. You don’t need to go “full firehose” to wash out the dirt! Next, prop each screen against a post or some other support. Wash the frame with a soft scrub brush dipped in mild soapy water (we prefer Ivory). Rinse with water. Dry the frame with a soft towel and let the screen stand up to dry.

While your screens are drying, take the time to wash out the window grooves where the screens fit into. You can use a mild soapy solution and a soft cloth. Be sure to get everything dry before you reinsert your screens.

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